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Discounted price per assessment between 26 and 100 assessments ordered (discount 20%)

The MTQ48 assessment is a unique 48-item high-quality psychometric tool that provides a quick and reliable measure of an individual’s ability to withstand pressure in a wide range of environments. It measures Mental Toughness in terms of the 4 core components – control, commitment, challenge, and confidence.

Published research and case studies from around the world demonstrate that Mental Toughness is a major factor in:

  • Performance – explaining up to 25% of the variation in individuals’ performance.
  • Positive Behavior – more engaged, more positive, more “can do”.
  • Wellbeing – more contentment, better stress management, less prone to bullying.
  • Aspirations – more ambitious, prepared to manage more risk.

The MTQ48 online assessment generates a number of highly effective and user-friendly sets of reports designed for optimum impact in a wide range of scenarios:

  • Development Report – provides feedback on results for the individual and contains coaching suggestions for their development.
  • Coaching Report – provides the manager/coach with feedback about the individual’s Mental Toughness and provides coaching suggestions to help them guide their Mental Toughness development more effectively.
  • Assessment Report – designed for selection and provides at least five questions on each scale to enable hiring managers to probe results more effectively. Employers should provide other evidence of Mental Toughness through the use of structured interviews, references, group exercises, other questionnaires, or other sources. Never use the MTQ48 scores on their own.
  • Group Report – For organizations and teams who are assessing more than one individual, a group report can be requested for the price of one assessment, regardless of the number in the group.
  • Distance Travelled Report – This is a comparison report based on a current and a previous assessment for an individual. This will identify areas in which an individual’s scores have changed or remained the same after a period of time and/or a period of training and development. This report is widely used in training, development and coaching programmes to assess differences arising from the intervention. The retest and report cost is half the price of the original assessment taken.

We will contact you within 24 hours of ordering to determine which report(s) will be most effective for your needs.

Purchase a one-hour phone debrief with one of our licensed coaches separately.


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