Mental Toughness Youth Assessment

The most valid and reliable Mental Toughness assessment available on the market, the MTQ48 youth assessment is a unique 48-item high-quality psychometric tool that provides a quick and reliable measure of an individual’s ability to withstand pressure in a wide range of environments. It measures Mental Toughness in terms of the 4 core components – control, commitment, challenge, and confidence.

Published research and case studies from around the world demonstrate that Mental Toughness is a major factor in:

Performance – explaining up to 25% of the variation in individuals’ performance.
Positive Behavior – more engaged, more positive, more “can do”.
Wellbeing – more contentment, better stress management, less prone to bullying.
Aspirations – more ambitious, prepared to manage more risk.
Mental toughness describes the mindset we adopt in everything we do and is closely related to qualities such as character, resilience, and grit. In the workplace, mentally tough individuals show greater commitment to setting and achieving goals and targets, they respond more positively to challenge, they deal with adversity and setbacks with greater confidence, and have a stronger sense of being able to control their ability to achieve. They are better at prioritizing their workloads and focus on continuous improvement and achieving their best.

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